THAI YOGA THERAPY / Intuitive bodywork 

​AKA The Human Tune Up is a blend of thai yoga therapy & acupressure. A dynamic flowing bodywork, I guide your resting body into a series of gentle and deep yoga postures using my palms, thumbs, elbows, feet, and knees along the body's energy lines (acupressure points come in all sizes). In this process, blockages are freed, internal organs toned, and energy is balanced. Results include increased circulation, detoxification, relief from muscular tension, increased flexibility in muscles and limbs, skeletal alignment, emotional release and enhanced feelings of radiance, safety, love, and calm. All sessions begin with this base and from there we work together tailoring subsequent sessions to meet your end goal. Mukti Michael Buck of Vedic Conservatory is my teacher. I have been practising since 2005 and have done over 1,000 sessions. 

$80/hour; $110/1.5 hours

Tuning forks and/or aromatherapy used upon request

Add warm oil to back, feet, hands, head $100/hr; $140/1.5h

​What Clients Are Saying: 

"Shar is gifted at moving the body. I felt safe, loved, held, honored, and respected. I was able to let go fully and enjoy!" -Grael Corsini (Priestess at Ashland Goddess Temple) 

 Shar's "Thai & Tuning" with oil is nothing less than Divine. Her loving application of essential oils sets a healing and relaxing tone. Powerful and sensitive stretches alternating with deep releases from pressure points allows the body to integrate and unblock stuck energies.  I have never experienced anything like this.... Sharon is a natural healer and transmits her loving and regenerative powers throughout the session. She is wonderful! OM." -Mark (Amitabh) Damir Esq. 

"I have been an avid 'yoga guy' for the last ten years and have practiced with many wonderful people. I met Shar in September 2013 and have had many wonderful treatments since then. Truth be told, I depend on her to keep me limber and would not like to go a week without enjoying the soothing tranquility that Shar brings into the room. Not only is she well trained in Ayurveda, she is a natural healer. Her knowledge of herbs and nutrition has been extremely helpful to me. I would recommend her in a heartbeat." -Kyle H. McIntyre

"Sharon is a powerful healer. I came to her with migraines that would last for days hoping for some relief. She worked on me for an hour and a half with acupressure points and stretching. She is a very strong woman with a lot of power in her hands, there were a few points she worked on my feet that hurt and I thought she's working on my feet for migraines?! but she cured me. I have been headache free for two months now." 
-Sis Tyler 


Acutonics is vibratory healing energy created through sound, similar to acupuncture but non invasive.  The sounds of planetary bodies are brought into the healing space through the use of precision calibrated tuning forks. 



Photo: Courtesy Grael Corsini, me serving Women's Night at Jackson Wellsprings

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