What Clients are Saying: 

Ayurveda health consultation $108 

Ayurveda's goal is to identify a persons ideal state of balance, determine where they are out of balance and offer interventions such as right diet and herbs, aromatherapy, proper exercise routine, right colors, music, mantra, yoga asana, bodywork, and mindful meditation to reestablish balance. 

The Ayurvedic Health Consultation creates amazing breakthroughs in your health and lifestyle. You'll be asked to provide medical history and submit a 5 day food journal.*

"I hit a wall with my workouts. I tried to adjust my diet, but I wasn't getting anywhere. After an Ayurvedic consultation, I feel I am back on track . Sharon's herbs and nutritional suggestions have me more focused and reenergized. Thanks!" 
-Greg Whitmore, USPTA, LMBT
"I had been thinking about seeing Shar Veda just out of interest. Then, I had a routine visit to the doctor and found out I was having certain symptoms in my reproductive organs, signs of early aging, which could produce further health complications if not properly addressed. Being only 28 with hopes of growing a family, I took this as a serious sign. My doctor offered me some steroidal treatment and if it didn't work, we would have to biopsy....I finally made an appointment with Shar... She helped determine my dosha and helped me understand the direct connection of my symptoms. She gave me practical tips and tools for staying in balance, yet reminded me to be compassionate with myself... She introduced me to a reproductive tonic herb which I believe is a HUGE part of my healing process. When I went back to the doctor, 3 months after, there were NO signs of anything she saw before. I was indisbelief, but she reaffirmed that she was being 100% serious. The news itself was empowering! Thank you so much, Shar Veda!"
-Ashley Laney 

Ayurveda: The Original System of Self Care 

Ayurveda  literally translates as "Wisdom or Science of Life" and has its foundation in the Vedic teachings which include Yoga. Ayurveda and Yoga are sister sciences. Together they are the original wholistic system of care, facilitating health through the unity of spirit, mind, emotions, and physical body. The energies of creation, preservaton, and dissolution of all life are contained within the five elements: Space (Ether), Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. The interactions of the subtle and gross forms of these elements are identified as the three doshas. The three doshas are Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. 

The Elements in a Nutshell : 

Kapha, "that which sticks", is the interaction of Water (flow and lubrication) and Earth (solidity). Kapha lubricates and maintains the structure of cells, joints, and skin and enhances immune function. An in balance Kapha person will be loving, supportive, calm, and stable. An out of balance Kapha person is prone to weight gain, water retention, depression, sinus congestion and excess phlegm. 

Pitta, "that which burns or digests", is the interaction of 90% Fire (metabolism) and 10% Oily Water  (flow and lubrication). Pitta metabolizes the nutrients in the cells. It is the light of the external world, the senses and the mind, enabling vision, warmth, digestion and transformation in both body (physical digestion) and mind (mental digestion). An in balance Pitta person will be logical, outspoken, driven. Signs of out of balance Pitta include being overly critical and angry, inflammatory conditions, indigestion, and insomnia with problem solving.  

Vata, "that which moves", is the interaction of Air (movement) and Ether (space). Vata is the movement of nutrients to all cells. It governs growth and life, manifesting as breathing, flexibilty and adaptability, energy, and expression. An in balance Vata will be creative, joyful, adaptable. An out of balance Vata tends towards fear and anxiety, confusion, constipation, dry skin, and worry based insomnia.