starseed nation: ascension into 5d

Lena, the main character of SSNAI5D, spilled from my hand onto paper during the Venus Retrograde of 2012, while living in Wilmington, North Carolina. The book was originally set to be about an intuitive 15 year old teen girl from a long line of women seers and healers, reconnecting with her dead Grandma and invoking the elements in a low-key Rite of Passage. 


However, three years later, when I relocated to Southern Oregon, 75 miles north of Mt, Shasta, California, I picked up a channel that insisted on being included. Inner Earth, Galactic Council, political agenda, and extreme weather poured forth. I simply allowed myself to do automatic writing and whole new scenes were birthed.

After two full years of intense channeling, my book had evolved into an empowering educational storyline for youth and youth educators teetering between 3D and 5D, revealing the timeline and "mission" of New Earth.  

StarSeed Nation Ascension into 5D is based in 2025 North Carolina, United States of America. When 15 year old Lena Linnigan's third eye awakening is triggered abruptly during a level four hurricane,  she and her deceased grandma begin communicating telepathically. Days later, in the middle of a national water crisis, personal powers the intuitive teen never knew she had commence rapidly right under the noses of her asleep family. 

But along with power comes responsibility, and the inexperienced light-worker carefully honing her newfound skills is put to the test rather faster than she'd like. Within days of a low-key  Rite of Passage and ritual invocation of the elements, Lena is contacted by Galactic Council and faced with a challenging task. 


Channeled at Mt. Shasta 

Root Chakra 

of Earth