Be in Nature.
Time in Nature is a huge deposit in your "health bank account."
Know your Natal Chart.
Get to know your Astrological Natal Chart. Planetary positions in signs and houses plus transits is an amazing tool in self discovery, improvement, and overall well being.
Make Meditation a Fun Ritual.
Do you look forward to meditating daily? If not, tools help. These are my favorites. What is right for you? Contact me to find out.
Conscious, High Vibe Beauty Brands only.
No matter how much money and time you spend on health and beauty products, the quality of product is super important. Crappy brands can even cause cancer. Energy matters.
Find your Plant Allies.
I LOVE ALOE. Aloe Vera is a wonderful plant ally- Are you red and tending towards inflammation? Drink it, eat it. Love it. Its your friend.
Watch Sunrise and Sunset for Pineal Health.
Gaze at sunset and sunrise to nourish the pineal gland - third eye.
Elements increase Intention.
Working with fire, water, air, Earth, and space during intentional rituals increases the outcome. Try practicing with mantra.
Know Which Herbs are Right for You.
I have many favorites but which are best for you? Don't Know? Email Shar Veda to find out.
Uplifting Entertainment Only!
We are what we feed our senses. Choose to only watch/ listen to uplifting entertainment. Violent movies, TV series, and music like gansta rap (even though the beat is good) hold you in lower vibrations.
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