• Shar Veda

Women in Science

I love science and always have. When I was in high school I loved it. I loved learning the elemental table and quantum physics, it all made me happy and I could feel my mind expand which I love...Then I hit a block when the heavier math/sciences came. Intuitives think differently and I needed it explained a different way but then there was no other way. I really tried too, I remember studying for calculus and physics and still not quite grasping it. Darn. Also, all the animal experiments in lab were wretched and I couldn't sit in and dissect. YUCK!! Formaldehyde. If you want to scare away the sensitives with grossness, good work. That's just what happened!

In college, I tried again. My first thought was environmental science major, sure! But, I couldn't do it still so switched to something I loved, psychology and literature. That is intuitive for me!

20 years later, I still love science. So now in my early 40s :) I am back on the science track but in a way that I can use my intuition and creativity!!!! and my counseling skills. MA Counseling Psychology with a research/thesis focus.

In Research Methodology now and learning how to write APA style papers and dissect Empirical Journal articles. Now that is something I can dissect and even be great at!

Girls who love Science?!!! Keep trying! In 2021-23, I will lead my own research studies on ESP in youth and from there learn what part of the brain and what wave is telepathy accessed. Love. xoxo Dream Big #science #writer #research #ESP #girlsinscience #whatIlove #skills #newearth