What Clients are Saying: 

"Shar is magickal and inspiring, so much wisdom to share!" 

-Tasha Babich 

"I hit a wall with my workouts. I tried to adjust my diet, but I wasn't getting anywhere. After an Ayurvedic consultation, I feel I am back on track . Sharon's herbs and nutritional suggestions have me more focused and reenergized. Thanks!" 

-Greg Whitmore, USPTA, LMBT

"I had been thinking about seeing Shar Veda just out of interest. Then, I had a routine visit to the doctor and found out I was having certain symptoms in my reproductive organs, signs of early aging, which could produce further health complications if not properly addressed. Being only 28 with hopes of growing a family, I took this as a serious sign. My doctor offered me some steroidal treatment and if it didn't work, we would have to biopsy....I finally made an appointment with Shar and it felt as natural and comfortable as hanging out with an old friend, talking and being open and honest. Shar helped determine my prominent dosha and helped me understand the direct connection of my symptoms with the imbalance of that dosha, gave me practical tips and tools for staying in balance, yet reminded me to be compassionate with myself, leaving room for things I love (like coffee and wine), instructing me on how to balance those things out, as well. She introduced me to a reproductive tonic herb which I believe is a HUGE part of my healing process. When I went back to the doctor, 3 months after, the Dr. told me there were absolutely no signs of anything she saw before. I was indisbelief, but she reaffirmed that she was being 100% serious. The news itself was empowering! Thank you Shar Veda!"

-Ashley Laney

"I had  been researching the US and India for Ayurveda treatments.  I was extremely happy when I found Wilmington Ayurveda (Shar Veda).  The facial and abyangha were at a level above all treatments I have ever received anywhere.  I felt loved and cared for and the energy of the studio was exactly what I was looking for.  I even asked for treatments not on the menu and was WOWED! Sharon's studio has SOUL!!!!  I will return." 

-Nancy H.