Conscious Lifestyle Support 

-Work behind the scenes. 

Hi, I am SHAR VEDA lifestyle counselor, yoga therapist, writer, author, supporting those wanting to raise personal and planetary frequency with conscious lifestyle support including Ayurveda, Whole House Tropical Astrology, Yoga Therapy, and the kitchen arts -cooking, meal prep and superfood desserts based on your personal needs.  

I've been in health-healing for over two decades; run my own small health clinics in affluent beach and city communities, served as health counselor in girls houses for at risk teens, as yoga therapist to low income kids, and as conscious, high vibe lifestyle support to elite, overloaded private clients. 


Au​thor of StarSeed Nation: Ascension Into 5D. (2019) and over 100 articles on sustainable, high-vibration beauty, wellness, and conscious consumerism for national magazines, my style is to the point, non-pretentious, and humorous when applicable. Laughter is the best medicine, raising frequency instantly.  Qu'ero shamans call it "sacred playfulness." 



Support fees vary and are negotiable per contract. Until then, "Earth to the Far Out and Galactica to the grounded."- With Love, Shar Veda  

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* I retain the right to turn away those clients I believe would benefit from a different healer, counselor vibration.  

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