Hi I am Shar Veda, a health and wellness counselor, yoga therapist, healer, writer, and channel. I deliver health and healing to private clients, retreat centers, charitable organizations, and print and online media. The author of one book, Star Seed Nation: Ascension Into 5D. (2019) and over 100 articles on sustainable beauty, wellness, and conscious consumerism for national magazines.


Specialties are fitness+mind-body, nutrition + Ayurveda, women's health, sustainable high-vibration beauty and lifestyle, conscious consumerism, plant + energy medicine, spa + retreat, astrology and esoterica. My style is down to Earth, non-pretentious, and humorous when applicable. Laughter is the best medicine.  Qu'ero shamans call it "sacred playfulness."


  Immersion in the health and healing industry for over 20 years has resulted in a sort of Robin Hood-esque socio-political understanding and set of values. I've served as healer at large for several affluent communities, as health counselor in two girls houses for at risk teens, as yoga therapist to homeless and low income kids, as trusted confidante to elite private clients, and as writer for countless conscious lifestyle companies.

Born on a Mother's Day new moon in the North East USA with gifts of clairsentience, claircognizance, and clairaudience,

I've been honored to study, travel and work closely with leaders in healing arts from many traditions in many lands. However, my own healing powers are lifetimes old, derived from Celtic lineage dating back to the house of Ulster and still not fully realized.

Feel free to reach out to me for collaborations and projects. I am a huge fan of team work. 

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Ritual is Important

Candlelight is so Healing. #candlelight #healing