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Hi I am SHAR VEDA ALC, AYT intuitive counselor, healer supporting those wanting to raise personal and planetary frequency with mind-body-spirit intuitive counsel, healing, channeling, and message retrieval. If you have one eye open or are on the path to awakening you know the time is NOW. It is our duty as conscious beings to raise personal frequency and heal the planet. 

We can all improve and with me on your support team you will gain knowledge and a clear view of where you are and how you can take action to level up. My unique, synergistic blend of intuitive (psychic) abilities, communicative spirit guides, combined with ancient systems Ayurveda, Yoga and Astrology, works like a patented elixir to get the information you need so you feel confident, healthy, and happy in your skin suit and love the life you are living. Support fees range from 111 to 333. You can gift a friend and pay in segments.

Born on a Mother's Day new moon just outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Philly!) with gifts of clairsentience, claircognizance, and clairaudience, I've been honored to study, travel and work closely with leaders in healing arts from many traditions in many lands (angelic harps play). However, my own healing powers are lifetimes old, derived from Celtic lineage dating back to the house of Ulster, grow more powerful by the year, and are still not fully realized. 

I've been in health-healing for over 20 years: run my own small health clinics in affluent beach and city communities, served as health counselor in two girls houses for at risk teens, as yoga therapist to homeless and low income kids, and as trusted confidante to elite private clients. Having worked with such a variety of people and all levels of vibration, I now specialize in helping those people already on a healing path become better and more whole so they in turn can raise the vibration of Earth even higher. 


Au​thor of StarSeed Nation: Ascension Into 5D. (2019) and over 100 articles on sustainable, high-vibration beauty, wellness, and conscious consumerism for national magazines, my style is to the point, non-pretentious, and humorous when applicable. Laughter is the best medicine, raising frequency instantly.  Qu'ero shamans call it "sacred playfulness." Until then, "Earth to the Far out and Galactica to the grounded." With LOVE, Shar Veda 

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* I retain the right to turn away those clients I believe would benefit from a different healer, counselor vibration.  

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